The NIJAC Roofing & Insulation team is thankful for metal roof restoration – and not solely because it is a large part of our business. We value the opportunity to protect our clients’ properties by extending their roofs’ lifespans, as well as save our clients money by enhancing their roofs’ energy efficiency. Needless to say, our clients are thankful for roof restoration, too!

As we near the holiday season, let us take pause to express our gratitude for the five greatest benefits of roof restoration.

Roof Restoration Is More Affordable Than Roof Replacement

We’re sure you can think of a thousand better ways to invest in your residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural property than replacing its roof. In no uncertain terms, restoring a metal roof is significantly more cost-effective than replacing one altogether. We hesitate to provide exact figures to back up our point, simply because the cost of roof restoration versus replacement varies greatly depending on the property. But when it is feasible to restore a metal roof, the cost savings speak for themselves.

Roof Restoration Appreciably Extends a Roof’s Lifespan

You may opt for a partial roof restoration which restricts its focus to obviously damaged areas. You may opt for full roof restoration, which makes every component like new again. Either way, you can count on your roof to remain effective and more energy efficient for far longer than if you had just left it alone. 

Whichever scope of restoration you choose, you should strongly consider including sealant as part of the project. A straightforward silicone coating can easily protect and waterproof a metal roof for 15 years.

Roof restoration also gives a property owner plenty of options when it comes to their new roofing membrane. Whether your building and your budget would be better served by EPDM, PVC or TPO, you can trust the membrane to keep the underlying property safe from water infiltration for several decades.

Roof Restoration Is Environmentally Friendly

A metal roof is typically 100% recyclable. Still, transporting an old roof to a recycling facility does burn up plenty of diesel fuel, and some components of a metal roof are not recyclable. Leaving your existing roof in its place probably won’t have an appreciable effect on the environment, but every little effort counts.

Restoring your roof also gives you the option of changing it to a more reflective color. A white roof can emit up to 90% of the heat it absorbs, which will lower the temperature inside your building while simultaneously reducing your energy bills. Nice!

Roof Restoration Is Faster Than Roof Replacement

This advantage is intuitive enough. Although the NIJAC team takes every effort to minimize the amount of time we must spend interrupting our clients’ normal day-to-day operations, ripping out a metal roof and replacing it with a brand new one is necessarily a time-consuming process. Alternatively, leaving a roof in place and only repairing its damaged parts takes far less time.

Roof Restoration Is Less Intrusive Than Roof Replacement

Unlike roof replacement, roof restoration does not require exposing the underlying structure to the elements. This is a crucial advantage to businesses which must not halt their operations in order to remain profitable, as restoration doesn’t necessitate moving equipment or otherwise rendering the building inoperable throughout the duration of the (comparably short) project.

The NIJAC team has one more aspect of roof restoration to be grateful for: you! Our business in Sioux Falls, SD owes its success to homeowners, farmers, industrial property managers and commercial property owners throughout the contiguous United States. In addition to metal roof restoration, we’re honored to serve so many people for their grain silo coating, concrete silo roof restoration, foundation waterproofing and other property restoration needs. If we can be of service to you, then we welcome you to contact us today!