Spray Foam Insulation

The Midwest Spray Foam Insulation Experts

NIJAC Roofing & Insulation provides the spray foam insulation that farmers, businesses, and homeowners in the Midwest and nationwide rely on. In addition to reducing energy costs, spray foam insulation improves air quality and decreases noise pollution. Our original spray foam system employs the most reliable products and installation techniques available in the industry. Not only that, but we work hard to stay current on the latest advancements.

Spray foam systems (or spray polyurethane foam systems-SPF systems) have grown to become the most popular insulation materials on the market. When you hire a company to install an SPF system, be sure to go with someone with a proven track record. NIJAC can help you choose the right option for your area and find the best solution for you.


Commercial Spray Foam Insulation

NIJAC performs commercial spray foam insulation services on barns, silos, roofs, outbuildings, pump rooms, offices and businesses of all types. Additionally, we perform services on industrial and manufacturing facilities, where temperature and moisture control are vital. We have years of experience to ensure that your operation is well protected and that you experience minimal disruption. Our experts help you decide the exact needs for your space and determine how to effectively insulate your structure. We are proud to provide spray foam to South Dakota commercial entities.


Residential Spray Foam Insulation

For residential services, our spray foam services include homes, garages, sheds and other outbuildings. Spray foam can also provide great moisture control and put less weight on the structure than typical insulation.


The Spray Foam Experts

Installing a SPF system requires a thorough plan as well as thorough training. Poorly installed spray foam can result in serious property damage, negative environmental effects and lost revenue. Spray foam provides building owners many benefits not found in other insulation options. At NIJAC, we put our extensive experience to work, installing the high-performing, long lasting insulation South Dakota and Nebraska commercial, agricultural and residential property owners need. We do what we can to protect their buildings, products, belongings and pocketbooks.


What are the Benefits of Spray Foam Protection?

  • Lower Energy Costs

Midwest weather is very diverse. Winters here can be brutally cold and summers unduly hot, which can lead to high heating and cooling costs. It is estimated that 40% of a structure’s heated or cooled air is lost as a result of air infiltration caused by holes, gaps or cracks. By wrapping your building with a spray foam lining barrier, the EPA estimates that you can see a reduction of up to 20% on your utility bills.


  • Increased Property Value

With the addition of spray foam, South Dakota and Nebraska structure owners will see a rise in the resale value of their property. They will likely recoup their insulation investment when it’s time to sell.


  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

Improved indoor air quality is one of the benefits of installing spray foam protection that homes and businesses nationwide experience right away. An SPF system, when properly installed, has the ability to serve as a very effective moisture and vapor barrier. Spray foam expands and fills in gaps around obstacles and irregularly-shaped spaces that are hard to reach. Stopping allergens, pollution, mold and mildew is vital for the health of occupants, merchandise and agricultural products alike.


  • Reduced Moisture and Mold

Warm air that meets a cool surface will condense to form moisture. Mold and mildew thrive in moist conditions. If left unchecked, they can cause structural weakness, damage to a building’s contents, and health issues to occupants. NIJAC provides solutions with the spray foam South Dakota property owners need for better health and improved storage conditions.


  • Added Structural Integrity

With a spray foam installation, commercial, agricultural and residential building owners can add overall strength to their structures. Because spray foam insulation expands to completely fill voids and bonds to the surface, it adds integrity to a building. It can also help protect the roof from leakage around fasteners or at seams.


  • Noise Reduction

A SPF system helps control noise pollution by keeping outdoor sounds from entering a building. Manufacturers like spray foam insulation because it prevents excess noise from filtering out of the building and into the community. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

At NIJAC, we’re keen on delivering superior spray foam installation that makes good use of your hard-earned dollars.

NIJAC Roofing & Insulation is your licensed and insured spray foam insulation expert. We have been meeting the midwest’s insulation needs for decades. Call us for more information.