Grain Elevator Repair
For North Dakota & South Dakota


Throughout the Dakota region, the agricultural industry relies heavily on grain elevators to safely store and manage crops. Yet, the number of businesses that still provide the grain elevator leak repair services North Dakota and South Dakota famers and commercial elevators require are few and far between, and of those, not many have the training and experience needed to get the job done right. NIJAC has proven itself to be one of the most qualified, reliable companies in the industry today, offering clients the best grain bin repair solutions at the fairest price.

At NIJAC, we understand the importance of keeping stored grain clean, dry, and free from insects and pests. Weather extremes in the upper Midwest, combined with the stress of constantly filling and emptying grain from elevators, can cause the structures to weaken and ultimately fail. An unsound facility eventually leaks, inviting mold growth and allowing entry for insects and mice that can ruin an entire harvest. Without proper maintenance and grain elevator leak repair, you are looking at a financial disaster in the making.

To effectively protect commodities from moisture, pests and insects, elevator managers must be persistent about scheduling regular maintenance and timely grain elevator repair services. At NIJAC, we fully understand that damaged grain is lost revenue. In addition to being potential moisture and rodent entry points, weak spots and holes allow fumigant gas to escape, increasing the likelihood of insect invasion. Thus, one of the most beneficial, cost effective things that a farmer or grain elevator manager can do is schedule regular inspections from a company trained to look for potential problems and immediately complete grain silo leak repair services.


Our crews provide the trusted grain elevator repair North Dakota and South Dakota farmers and commercial elevators have come to trust over any other company in the industry. Our grain elevator repairs are primarily done utilizing a specialized elastomeric coating. While there are other types of coatings available on the market today, they simply do not have the durability and longevity of our products, nor do the contractors who apply them have the knowledge and experience of NIJAC Roofing and Insulation, leaving other systems prone to deterioration due to environmental factors. What saves you money in the short-term, may end up costing you an entire elevator full of grain.

We’re on a mission to help on-the-farm and commercial grain elevators protect their products and improve their bottom lines with efficient, effective and affordable grain elevator leak repair services. The elastomeric coatings NIJAC uses for the grain elevator repair upper Midwest grain storage facilities require, are flexible and durable, making them an effective cover for cracks and pinholes that lead to moisture damage in stored grain. When clean, dry grain is transferred into a clean, dry grain elevator in which the roof, sidewalls and base are well sealed, the possibility of spoilage of the product greatly decreases, while its potential storage life increases. Our specially trained crews understand the particulars involved in grain silo repairs and will seal and waterproof your grain elevator from the top down, repairing cracks, spalls, pinholes, insulation and more.


Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We’re well aware that harvest time schedules, disruptions to your day-to-day operations, budgeting and the weather are all concerns when we do grain elevator repair, therefore we will work closely with you to make it as smooth a process as possible. At NIJAC, we’re committed to delivering high-quality grain elevator repair that stands the test of time and makes good use of your hard-earned dollars. Our employees have undergone specialized training, and have years of experience providing the affordable grain elevator repair North Dakota and South Dakota agriculture needs to survive in these unpredictable economic times. Contact us today!

We’ve seen just about everything and know how to fix it! Regardless of the grain elevator type or the materials stored within it, trust the experts at NIJAC Roofing & Insulation for grain elevator repair in the upper Midwest.