Metal Roof Restoration

Restoring your metal roof will receive the longevity of your building. Our experts are trained to properly repair and restore all types of roofing structures. We provide premier service for the following:

We Restore Metal Roofs that will protect and retain your investments.

Metal roofing coating is highly energy efficient. Experts at insulation and when we provide you with roofing and coating. We make certain that your insulation and metal roof are the right fit together, for long term energy savings.

Our coating last for many years and provide you a quality and longevity that is hard to match. When NIJAC does an inspection and estimation for your roof, we provide you with options for a perfect match to your structure.


Contact us today if you need high quality metal roof restoration for your structure. 

Whether you need repairs to your roof, or regular inspection and maintenance, NIJAC is your trusted source of licensed and insured repair and replacement for metal roofs. We have been providing home roofs, silo roofing, flat roofing and roof coatings for decades, and we are the largest provider of dependable and reliable metal roofing coating and insulation services.