Why Repair Your Roof?

There are many advantages that come from repairing your roof rather than replacing it all together. Whether thye’ve faced extreme weather or have started cracking or leaking, repairing your roof will automatically come with additional benefits you may not have previously thought of. From saving your business money to properly standing up to tough weather, there are a number of benefits that come with roof repairs and restorations. Below are some advantages to restoring your roof as opposed to replacing:

Stop Leaks:

Nijac Roofing prevents leaks where they occur most — at the seams. Your entire roof is protected by a durable, waterproof finish. Fabric reinforcements and roof restoration foams can be used to seal any leaks and prevent future leaks.

Save Money:

To put it in the simplest of terms, it costs less to repair a roof than to replace it. Restoring a commercial roof can save up to 60% in cost when compared to tearing everything down and replacing the entire thing.When you don’t tear off your old roof there are no waste disposal costs, and your building’s contents are never exposed to the elements.Additionally, when repairs are done right, there’s no longer a need to worry about spendy future repairs or replacements.

Save Energy:

Perhaps the biggest advantage to repairing your roof is the money saved on energy alone. In additon to saving money on air conditioning, the energy-saving Coating Systems keep your building cooler, whether it’s air conditioned or not, by reflecting up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays.

How Metal Roof Restoration Works

Since metal roofing structures are exposed to long periods of extreme weather and sunlight, they will eventually succumb to corrosion, rust, and leaks. Unfortunately, roof replacements are often costly and time consuming. We start by power washing the roof with Rust Off, followed by reinforcing the seams with Spunnflex and a base coat. Then, Kwik Kaulk is used on all fastener heads. Finally, we complete the project by painting over with one of our acrylic coatings, giving a nice sleak finish. Metal roof restoration not only extends the lifespan of your metal roof, but also prevents further deterioration

Concrete Roof Restoration

Fixing concrete silo roof damage requires individualized solutions, due to the unique characteristics of each structure. First, we’ll do a full inspection of your silo to determine what problems exist. This inspection will tell us how extensive the damage is and the best approach to making the repairs. Next, we’ll delaminate the existing concrete, repair any fractures and protect exposed rebar with a rust-proof coating. Our experts will then cover the surface with a cementitious material. This material is essentially a cement mixture with added bonding agent. When it is applied to well-cleaned concrete, it has a 100% bonding rate. Also, it is resistant to the Midwest’s extreme weather conditions, and has proven itself to be as durable as poured concrete.

See For Yourself:

Nijac Roofing has solutions for your roof, whatever type it may be. With over a decade in the roofing industry, covering more than a million square feet, we’ve got you covered.If you have a flat or metal roof over your business, our team can maintain it and help extend it’s lifespan. Whether it’s a flat or metal roof, our team can maintain it and help extend its lifespan. We also use foam restoration and fabric-reinforced roofing systems to help yiou save money on energy bills while cutting back on roof repairs as well.