Grain Silo Coating & Repair:
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Grain Silo Coating in Wisconsin

One of the most important components of any agricultural facility’s buildings is also one of their least conspicuous. We are speaking of the coatings in its grain silos. These barriers shield grain elevators’ contents from several threats: rainfall, meltwater, humidity, temperature fluctuations, drafts, insects and spiders, fungal spores, pollen, and various other airborne contaminants.

While Wisconsin’s climate appears in every way to have been intentionally designed to meet the needs of dairy farmers and their livestock, it also poses every imaginable threat to grain. The agricultural facility manager who overlooks the importance of their grain silos’ integrity risks the destruction of several tons of product. They must be especially diligent, as even the most resilient grain silo coatings will wear away from the constant abrasion that comes with input and output. The passage of time itself is enough to render any grain elevator’s coating inoperable.

NIJAC: The Definitive Choice for Grain Elevator Repair

Inadequate grain storage equipment represents an insult to American farmers’ efforts. Needless to say, it is also disastrous to an agricultural facility’s bottom line. As a lynchpin of our nation’s agricultural industry, which has served the continental United States for all its grain elevator and silo repair needs for decades, the NIJAC team takes great pride in sparing our clients from the embarrassment and the financial ruin which can so easily result from improperly coated storage buildings.

Our grain silo coating solutions are superior for two key reasons. The first is our experience. Unlike a generalist who must become competent at several trades without mastering any, a NIJAC contractor is necessarily an expert in their field. We have applied countless coatings to silos throughout Wisconsin and the rest of the country, and in that time we have identified and mastered the most economical yet effective techniques of our craft. Accelerated coating deterioration resulting from incorrect installation and shoddy workmanship simply does not await our valued clients.

The second is the quality of our product. We utilize a state-of-the-industry elastomeric coating: supple, flexible, exceedingly durable, high in insulation value, and incapable of contaminating the grain which it comes into contact with. Once we have expertly installed it, our elastomeric coating proves intensely resilient to cracking and spalling as it continues providing an impenetrable barrier to contaminants for many years to come. Our coating genuinely coats every square inch of a silo’s interior, removing each and every crack and pinhole which may have jeopardized our client’s goods.

We Will Exceed Your Expectations

Whether we are providing grain silo coating, grain elevator repair, concrete silo roof restoration, metal roof restoration, insulation or foundation waterproofing, the NIJAC team’s primary goal always remains the same: to exceed our client’s expectations. That is why we endeavor to complete every project quickly, affordably, and with minimal intrusion to our client’s business – without sacrificing the high- quality craftsmanship that we have become nationally renowned for.

Your business deserves far better than a contractor who overpromises and underdelivers. It demands passionate and extensively trained specialists with decades of experience serving the great people behind Wisconsin’s agricultural industry. In fewer words: Your business demands NIJAC.

NIJAC is standing by to service your silo regardless of its type or the materials it stores. Please contact our team today to learn more about the exceptional value we create at every jobsite.

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